We are a family business that has 80 years in the market. Going through several generations, we are dedicated to providing the best experience in mezcal having a great passion in what we do and taking care of every aspect of our products. We like to innovate and modernize, but always maintaining the quality and prestige that we've had for years, one of the oldest companies in the market.

We are approved by the COMERCAM (Mexican Council Regulatory Quality Mezcal), the PDO (Protected Designation of Origin) and complying with NOM (Norma Oficial Mexicana), striving each year to give our customers the best quality.





The farm of Gusano Rojo Agaves is charachterized for not using pesticides nor fertilizers for the growth and development of the plants. 


• These agaves need up to 10 years for the agave plant to reach the desired  maturity  so  that  is  can  be  cut  and  processed.


• Once the Agave is cut, the pinapple – the heart of the agave- is used to make mezcal. Over a hunderd kilos of pineapple goes into a typical badge!


• The purpose of the slow cooking is to allow that the carbohydrates of starches contained in the pineapples  become  sugar. These pineapples are cooked for 3 days in a furnace under the ground to aquire a unique flavour.


• When  removed from the oven pineapples are brought into the Egyptian mill, a stone well with a center post and stone wheel of a meter in diameter.

This heavy stone turns around by being pulled by a horse.


• What results from crushing these pinapples is then transferred and fermented in wooden barrels for 10 more days depending on weather; the warmer the faster.


• With the juices from the fermentation already transformed into «Tepache» (the first drink that can be extracted from this concotion) the distillation follows.


• This destillation is done in copper cotainers sitting on a mud oven and from where they  flow across a condenser, which is used for a double distillation.


• After distillation,  quality controls are made through a sample sent to the laboratory. Once  hom ogenized, it is filtered after which we obtain Mezcal, a mystical and extraordinary drink.






100% Espadín Agave. 38o alcohol
7o cl.

Mezcal Gusano Rojo is a family owned mezcal, now made by the family's third generation this classic mezcal is one of the most popular in Mexico. Made in a traditional way, and using 100% Espadín Agave from Oaxaca, this mezcal is smooth, smokey and an excellent representative of a classic mezcal that has been improved and tested by time.

Named Gusano Rojo (Red Worm, in English) after the larvae that is found on the Agave plants used for the production of mezcal. In 1950's Gusano Rojo was the first mezcal to incorporate the flavour that the worm adds to the mezcal after being curated and added to the bottle; a practice now followed by many in the industry. The best way to enjoy mezcal with so much tradition is in a classic way: zipped and accompanied by crushed worm salt over a slice of orange.





A young and modern white mezcal, Tipitoche is a 100% Espadín Mezcal from the centre fields of Oaxaca, México. Although made following traditional and artisanal ways, Tipitoche has a modern and refined flavour, making it's taste less focus on the earthy aromas and richer in a clean notes such as white pepper and crispy citrus.


Each numbered bottle of Tipitoche has the signature of its "Maestro Mezcalero" (Mezcal Master) ensuring its quality and artisanal process.


This premium mezcal is ideal for a cocktail or easily enjoyed by itself.




100% Espadín Agave. 38o alcohol
70 cl and 5 cl miniatures.


New, and enigmatic, yet smooth; Magia Negra (Black Magic in English) is the only black mezcal available in the market. This mezcal has been developed by a fourth generation mezcal passionates using 100% Espadín Agaves from Santiago Matatlán, Oaxaca. Made in an artisanal process using only natural ingredients, this mezcal ensures quality and tradition.


Its mysterious look is rounded up by a smooth and light flavour with slightly sweeter notes, Magia Negra invites us to drink by itself or to mix its enigmatic colours and flavours in a cocktail.



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